Buying from Authorized Dealer vs Grey Market Online?

There are a limited number of official Rolex retailers, and they are prohibited from selling online. In addition to this limitation, the problem with authorized dealers is that they may not have the model you want. Unless you find a very large Rolex boutique, the selection will be limited.

Smaller Rolex boutiques have few if any popular sports models, while grey markets online stores like Jaztime offer discounts on authentic watches and the option to skip the waiting list to get the right price. You should only buy from reputable stores like Jaztime; however, buying directly from Rolex is usually cheaper and safer than platforms like eBay.

Only grey market dealers will buy and sell used or older rolex swiss replica watches. Official Rolex dealers usually do not buy back any watches, and they never sell used watches. Old or used watches are generally cheaper, and whether you can tell the difference between a new or used watch depends on the specific model and condition.

In many cases, professionally polished, most people have a hard time telling the difference between a used stainless steel Rolex and a brand new Rolex. However, gold is softer than steel, so wear and tear is harder to hide. As a result, used yellow gold and two-tone Rolex models are usually about 20% to 40% cheaper than brand-new ones.

It can be a misleading endeavour to purchase a mechanical device for everyday use and hope to sell it again for a good price. Nevertheless, many first-time Rolex buyers are concerned about the resale value of their first Rolex, especially if the purchaser is not entirely convinced that they can really afford it.

The general advice regarding resale value is to stick with the stainless steel models. The reason for this is that models made of precious metals are sold and purchased much less frequently, so they depreciate in value much more quickly. You can learn more about this in our article on the subject.

The good news is that no matter which watch you choose, you don’t need to hold on to your first Rolex fake watches forever. For that reason, you shouldn’t have to sweat the decision too much. We buy used Rolex watches for cash, but we also have trade-ins where you can upgrade your first Rolex watch to a Rolex 2.0 of your choice.

If you want a quality luxury watch but have realized you can’t afford a Rolex or would rather spend less if possible, there are some alternatives. As you probably know, James Bond now wears an Omega instead of a Rolex. You can buy an Omega sports watch, which has similar features to a Rolex, for about half the price.

Of course, if you still want to remain loyal to the Rolex company, you can purchase a Tudor watch instead, as the Tudor brand is owned by Rolex but sells watches at a lower price point, making it an affordable alternative.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and helped you decide what your first Rolex watch should be.