Fake Rolex GMT Master II Ref. 16710 Review

We haven’t delved into the world of vintage watches on the WRB YouTube channel, although this Rolex GMT Master II ref. 16710 isn’t exactly an ancient vintage, but I thought it would be an exciting piece.

When I picked it up, I immediately compared it to modern Rolex offerings.

Rolex gets a lot of hype, and it’s rare to hear an opinion other than “it’s the best.” But I will tell you that after spending some time with the GMT Master 16710, Rolex’s new modern collection is undoubtedly a significant improvement over past designs. I can appreciate the pure tool watch aesthetic of the Ref 16710. Still, at the same time, it feels a bit bland, and this is a comparison where you can really appreciate the subtle but excellent changes to the aluminum bezel inserted into the ceramic, the larger and easier-to-read “max dial” markers, and one of the most important changes on the modern Rolex model is the solid link bracelet and stronger clasp.

Comparisons aside, if we pull back to the late 90s and early 21st century, the Ref 16710 was at the top of its league and started Rolex’s iconic GMT Master II line – it was a replica rolex watches to own then, and indeed still is now for those seeking some nostalgia and pure Rolex tool watch DNA.

The blue/red bezel version, aka Pepsi, has been the most popular color combination for the GMT Master II and was issued to Pan Am crews back in the day – but the black bezel version we have here is the stealth watch for those who still want GMT functionality but don’t want to venture into submariner territory.

As beautiful as this watch is, I think I would personally prefer a Submariner from the same era if I had the choice. It’s a very subjective preference, and as someone who prefers simplicity, I prefer the markers and click action on the bezel, the text on the dial, and a thicker crown, like the Submariner #16610.

One of the impressive aspects of the 16710 is the comfort of the wrist. 16710 is impressively comfortable on the wrist, and it’s no mystery that this best replica watches does feel light on the wrist thanks to the hollowed-out chain strap and slightly slimmer case and lugs. Visually, I’d say it’s comparable in size to the modern Rolex GMT collection, with slightly slimmer lugs, but still quite long.

This particular movement starts with the 3185 and transitions to the 3186, which has a hacking function and a 24-hour hand with a 24-hour tachymeter function.

I hope you enjoy this fast-running GMT Master II 16710. It’s an absolutely beautiful watch and an all-time classic.