Replica Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary

This post is served with an almighty fist pump, because just like our crystal ball ‘predicted’, replica Longines has launched a 90th Anniversary version of the Lindbergh Hour Angle, a few months before the anniversary celebration. Longines has still managed to pull out a major surprise though. The steel and titanium watch will be restricted to just 90 pieces. The hour referenced in the name of the model will be about it takes for the model to sell out.
The initial ‘hour angle’ watch was designed based on the relationship between Charles Lindbergh and Longines following his 33-hour flight from Roosevelt Airport to Le Bourghet, outside Paris. The historic feat was timed by Longines, who were official timekeeper for the World Air Sports Federation. Lindbergh had some ideas about how to decide longitude during long-distance flights using a rotating bezel to allow for the exact balance of time and a rotating centre dial which permits synchronization to the second.
The resulting replica watches, which has had several reissues over the years, shows the hour angle in degrees and in minutes of arc in addition to indicating hours, minutes and seconds. Pilots and navigators have used the hour angle watch to find their geographic location fast, usefully and accurately..
The watch is bold and weight on the wrist at 47.5mm, but the size is practical for pilots of the old-school variety; it is simple to read when piloting a craft and more convenient than smaller sizes in the dark. The size also helps to keep legibility when it’s subjected to the vibrations that were common to aircraft of the era.
The dial is brushed silver and displays the time on a dial with railroad style minute tracks and painted Roman numerals. It dispalys a 180° scale for calculating longitude. The synchronization of the second hand with a radio time signal happened by rotating the galvanic black central dial. The black PVD steel rotating bezel has access to daily variations in the time equation to be taken into account. It is powered by the L699 automatic calibre and housed in a titanium case.
The another authentic touch is just the large steel crown , since it is easy to wind or set, even with gloved fingers. The brown leather aviator-type strap comes with an extension that allows the replica watch to be attached to an oversized pilot’sjacket. With this nuanced and exceptionally limited, you are well and truly cleared for takeoff.


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